Cera di Cupra

Hand Cream – 75 ml

Emollient · Nutritious · Protective

  • 75ml

Rapidly absorbed nourishing treatment for soft, smooth and hydrated hands.

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A beauty treatment for hands, with a nourishing and protective action. An effective formula that combines the moisturizing and protective properties of beeswax with the emollient action of glycerin, for restoring softness and hydration, and delaying skin ageing. Hands are visibly more hydrated just a few minutes after application, with positive effects also for the skin’s natural barrier. Its light texture guarantees it is absorbed quickly. Ideal for dry, chapped and hand sensitive to sharp temperature changes.

  • Beeswax, a highly protective and nourishing natural ingredient that has always been used in cosmetics for its emollient and film-forming properties that help reduce moisture loss from the skin and protect it from smog, atmospheric agents and sharp changes in temperature. It also helps replenish the lipids that are naturally present on the surface of the skin and, thus, regain its physiological balance.
  • Glycerin, a real anti-dryness antidote. Glycerin is known for its highly effective moisturizing properties that help combat skin cracking and tightening.

Apply a small amount of product on your hands and massage in until completely absorbed, paying particular attention to the back of the hand and the spaces between fingers.
Extra tip: during the summer, if absorption is too slow, you can use the cream as a night treatment.