Cera di Cupra

Nourishing Repairing Cream – 50 ml

For Dry Skin · For Normal Skin · with Collagen and Vitamins

Targeted repairing action against the signs of sagging skin.

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Nourishing Repair Cream is an advanced solution to combat the signs of ageing, and bring new life to the most tired and dull skin. Rich in nourishing substances for the skin, such as collagen, fermented honey extract and a multivitamin complex with a photo-chrono protective action. From the first few applications, it provides just the right nourishment, targeting the signs of skin relaxation and the formation of wrinkles, while enhancing the skin’s antioxidant defences and ensuring a healthier and brighter-looking complexion. Used regularly, it nourishes and repairs skin by strengthening its natural physiological defences and stimulating its repair processes. It stimulates the natural production of collagen, counteracts the sagging of skin tissue and helps prevents the loss of firmness and elasticity. It re-densifies and firms the skin, for more relaxed and plumped features. It protects skin from oxidative stress and revives the complexion.

  • Collagen, a protein naturally present in the epidermis. It acts as a natural support, bringing tone and elasticity to the skin, strengthening its structure and preserving the compactness and density of tissues.
  • The vitamins, on the other hand, perform a photo-chrono protective action, helping rebuild the skin’s lipid film and enhance the skin’s antioxidant defences.
    Two of the most precious active ingredients in a latest generation formula, to help skin fight the signs of ageing.

Apply the cream on dry and cleansed skin, morning and evening, and massage with large circular movements until completely absorbed.