Igienizzante Ciccarelli

Ready to use soap mitt 20 pcs in envelope

Dermatologically tested · Detergent · Emollient · Single use · Soothing action

Gently and quickly cleanse face and body, without using water for rinsing. Single use.

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Designed for gently and quickly cleansing face and body, at any time of day, without using water for rinsing. After washing, simply dry the area with a cloth or towel. The glove is composed of a soapy sponge, which, when it comes into contact with a few drops of water, becomes very soft and releases a pleasant foam, and a white, non-woven support. The soapy part is marked with green lines.

Chamomile Extract, with emollient and soothing action.

Slip the glove onto the hand that will be used for washing. Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the sponge and clean the desired area. Without rinsing, dry the washed area with a cloth or towel. For washing, there is no need to add any other product, which might otherwise be poorly tolerated by delicate, sensitive skin. The glove is a single use product, which will not be effective if reused.