The brand that has been taking care of oral hygiene for people of all ages for over 100 years.

Pasta del Capitano 1905 is a line of special products that express “Made in Italy” quality values with vintage design and a timeless flavour.

ADVANCED COSMETICS LABORATORY 100% MADE IN ITALY: Products with effective formulations, entirely developed in Italy and subjected to rigorous efficacy tests. Our Research and Development Laboratory invests heavily in the selection of the very best active ingredients to formulate products capable of responding to the increasingly specific demands of our consumers.

Genedens Bio

I nuovi dentifrici ecosostenibili per un sorriso white dal cuore green.

THE FIRST NATURAL & ORGANIC MEN’S LINE 100% MADE IN ITALY: A new point of reference in the male universe, which, for the first time, combines the naturalness and healthiness of certified organic ingredients with a unique and unmistakable style. Dimensione Uomo today reinterprets and modernizes its long experience in cosmetics with an enhanced focus on the ingredients and formulations of COSMOS CERTIFIED ORGANIC & NATURAL products. Effective and sustainable products, which best interpret those values of quality and well-being that have never changed over time.

Cleanse and sanitize the skin in a practical and safe way at all times with the products of the Sanitizing line.

Scopri la gamma dei prodotti Intiley, la nostra linea dedicata alla cura dell'igiene intima che offre soluzioni delicate, ma efficaci a base di estratti naturali che rispettano il pH della pelle.

Technological formulations capable of offering functional solutions to specific problems in oral hygiene.

Ingredients based on natural principles effective against the aggressions of external agents, irritation, insect bites.

For over 50 years, Timodore has dedicated itself with great passion and pharmaceutical attention to the beauty and deodorization of feet, creating a brand name synonymous with all-Italian tradition.