Pasta del Capitano

Fresh Spray 15 ml

Alcohol free · Anti-halitosis · Organic Mint · Unsweetened

Breath freshener spray, for fresh breath at any time.

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Fresh breath whenever you need it? Carry Pasta del Capitano Fresh Spray everywhere you go!
Thanks to the combined action of Sulfetal Zn®, Propolis and Menta Fredda Mint, it acts to combat and prevent bad breath.
Without propellants, alcohol or sugar.

  • Propolis, prevents bacterial fermentation.
  • Menta Fredda Mint, guarantees a sensation of immediate freshness.
  • Sulfetal Zn®, a zinc-based molecule, helps slow down the proliferation of microbes.

Does NOT contain triclosan, parabens, SLS or formaldehyde releasers.

Use the product as needed. Dispense with 2-3 sprays.