Corn removers – plasters for hard skin 4 pcs

Grubbing-up action · Made in Italy · Medical device · Protective action

  • 4pc

Quick and painless removal of corns.

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Timodore Corn Removal Plasters quickly and painlessly remove corns from foot soles. The patches are dermatologically tested in terms of efficacy and tolerability. Also available for hard corns, soft corns between toes, with corn protectors and made of fabric to cut to size. Also suitable for hands.

Salicylic Acid

Use Timodore Oxysalts for a footbath. Apply the corn removal disc on the corn and protect it with the special felt corn pad. Press lightly to secure better. Do not remove the application for 48 hours. To remove the Plaster and corn easily and painlessly, repeat the footbath. If necessary, repeat the process. To prevent the corn from coming back, protect the area with Timodore Corn Pad Plasters.